Vol. 3 No. 2 (2020): Pakistan Journal of International Affairs

Fundamental Human Rights Violations in European Union: An Overview

Published 2021-03-28


This research piece is written on “Globalization and Fundamental Human Rights Violations in Europe”. It deals with very important issue of Human rights, violation being carried out in different kinds of its nature such as forcefully deport of immigrants from different European countries as like Italy, Greece. Moreover, a burning issue prevailing in most of the European countries in the recent times is the issue of wearing Hijab which means covering of Muslim women face with veil which is in most of the cases intolerable in European society. The significance of this topic stems from the fact that European continent was given Nobel Prize for peace in 2012 and keeping an eye that ward, Europe was supposed to be ideal continent for its inhabitants, but unfortunately for the last several years incidents of human rights violations are being noticed by