Vol. 3 No. 2 (2020): Pakistan Journal of International Affairs

An Analysis of the Influence of Electable(s) on Democracy in Pakistan (1988-2019)

Published 2021-03-28


This paper explores the impacts and influence of electable(s) on parliamentary democracy in Pakistan during the last three decades (1988-2019). The paper argues that Alavi’s state power structure, dominated by civil-military bureaucracy, has undergone a change in the last few decades. New forces like intermediate class, a segment of superior courts’ judges and some of the politicians known as electable(s) have been able to occupy space in the Pakistani state power structure. This paper argues that electable(s) remain connected with the powerful establishment only for the purpose to obtain their personal interests at the cost of weakening parliamentary democracy in Pakistan. Data is collected through personal communications with a diverse group of people having expertise in their respective fields