Vol. 3 No. 2 (2020): Pakistan Journal of International Affairs

Role of Women in Politics: A Study of Political Participation in Pakistan

Published 2020-12-29


This study explores the Political participation of women in Pakistan. Through the political history of Pakistan, it is apparent that the role of women in politics has not been substantial nevertheless their population size. This research paper highlights women's political participation and representation in Pakistan’s politics. Women’s role in the political process will be explored from a historical and current perspective. Historically, women's role as a representative in the legislative assemblies of Pakistan remained limited. However,during the last two decades, significant measures have been made to enhance women’s political representation in the country. In Pakistan, the voting turnout of women has always been lower as compared to the male counterpart during all the general elections held in Pakistan. The turnout of women’s voters will be explored in the general elections of the country. The research also elaborates on the factors affecting women’s political participation in the country. The research paper underscores social impediments that have posed challenges for women to become an important part of Pakistan’s political system. Political participation is not limited to get representation in legislative assemblies. It consists of a wide range of political activities such as role as a voter, become a member of a political party, etc.