Vol. 3 No. 2 (2020): Pakistan Journal of International Affairs

International Discourses in Pakistani Print Media Editorials During the year 2020: A Comparative Analysis of English and Urdu Press

Published 2020-12-29


Looking through the history it has been observed that international discourses have become a major portion in Pakistani media. This study explores the international discourses in the editorials of print media in Pakistan. Being an active part of Global village, international relations for Pakistan are game-changer-cordial for survival, sustainability, and development. In the same lines, media discourses are important to keep the citizens informed while the editorial discussions play the leading and guiding role in the process. A proper and true portrayal of international events and its linkage with the country’s interests in the editorials, reflects the Agenda Building character of the Press. In Pakistan, Urdu as a national language is the linking and communicational medium among the masses and understood by 90 percent of the citizens while English is the official language, spoken by less than 2 percent of public. But besides the tabloids, there is a distinct division of National Press in English and Urdu Press whereas English Press is generally considered more objective and policy-oriented while Urdu Press is said to be the medium of commons people. Therefore, different approaches towards national and international discourses are assumed based on the general conceptions of the masses. This research investigates the editorials of daily Jang and daily Dawn, which are the most read national newspapers of Pakistan, from Jan.1, 2020, to Dec.31, 2020, to locate the comparative framing of contents concerning the international discourses. This paper also provides workable data for the political communication relevant to the editorial policies of the press in Pakistan