Vol. 6 No. 3 (2023): Pakistan Journal of International Affairs


Published 2023-09-20


Interaction by means of technology has been prominent in both public and private lives of people. Hence technological variation of information has been upgraded through the application of artificial intelligence, delivering an optimistic opportunity for speedy justice. A computer with strong AI exhibits all the behaviors that you would expect from a human. Hitherto, all state institutions are imperative to the functions of the state, with the judiciary holding the category of a nucleus in the system. The laws are disseminated through the courts. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, legal practice remains shy of the ultimate goal, which certainly circumvents the enaction of the judiciary. The number of cases outnumber the holding capacity to resolve them, as the mega pile up is tantamount to the lack of resources at hand. The judicial system is deprived of an effective case-flow management system, which is certainly considered an international best practice in the legal realm. The researcher has explored avenues to incorporate plausible information technology solutions to the problem in existence. Albeit inquiring through doctrinal and non-doctrinal approaches of the qualitative inquiry, the application of artificial intelligence technology in judicial proceedings is available. Only some realms of the judicial procedure are with artificial intelligence including but not limited to electronic case filing, research, and case-flow management. Hitherto, subsequent finding has alluded after the fact the practical awareness or usage of the system doesn’t seem to be an application. Promulgated regulations pertaining to the case-flow management have yet to be ratified through the parliament, tantamount to the lack of concerns, albeit assertions in the governing elite about the issue. Our article envisages of pioneering Artificial Intelligence in Judicial case-flow Management systems of Pakistan, as remedies towards conveyance of quicker justice, e- court services, plausible solutions, and considerate phenomenon. The Case Management System (CMS) is the insightful, interface for administering court justice in the world. It's an international best practice, which applies artificial intelligence as a core tool to implement international best practices. Inevitably, oblivion to this system, will impede progress, as the lack of technological infrastructure, socio-economic corridors, non-optimizing performance generators. Pakistan’s current ranking is stuck at 130/160, in judicial affairs in world ranking. The comprehensive analysis and shined in this article will enable enactment of artificial intelligence in the Pakistani judicial system. Apart from the mainstream, the designated fields, to be digitalised will be indicated in the initial phase. The judicial process in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan will be indicative of artificial intelligence technology, alongside the case-flow management system could be programmed for complete digitalization of the judicial backups. Furthermore, this study alludes to the point that AI is a useful rather significant element which can be compatible with the Pakistan judicial system in the fields of e-filing and CMS. AI has a great future and significant work will be done in it so for that purpose we discussed the recent past and future of this field also