Vol. 6 No. 3 (2023): Pakistan Journal of International Affairs


Published 2023-09-20


Al Nakba (catastrophe), the declaration of independence of Israel that led to the mass displacement and ethnic cleansing of Palestinian, still haunts them today. Currently, some courses of actions have been changed in a more intensifying and a brutal way which reflects the more pugnacious behavior of settler colonial apartheid (Israel). Israel-Palestine conflict is the conquest for identity, integrity, and sovereignty. Their history is plagued by several key events that led to further augmentation of the bone of contention between them. This conflict has always been the focus of attention due to humanitarian catastrophe. Many major stakeholders have played their dysfunctional but pivotal role in this conflict. In the current crisis, most of the major stakeholders were seen as just sitting on the fence. This conflict gave birth to several militant organizations, fundamentalism, and traumatized elements on both sides as every confrontation not just include the combatant casualties but civilian casualties as well. This research paper’s foremost intent is to examine the intricacies and perpetuality in this conflict as both entities consider each other as mortal threat. This research paper will also reexamine the credibility of international laws and organization in this dilemma, most probably in current Gaza’s dilemma. Through the analytical lens, this paper will scrutinize the intertwined complexities, which hinders the profound implementation of international norms and principles to cure this unwavering dilemma.